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Boots on the Ground
One-Day Intensiv

 Crafting your screenplay!

 A great workout in one six-hour session.

Ideal for a new screenwriter, or for examining that 'work in progress',  or  kick-starting that next project.  

Join Us!

Workshop Outline

Expanding on the ‘Five Pillars’ structure, which is the basis of all successful feature films, Brian and Keith will help you develop the ‘Seven Sentences’ that define your Central Character’s journey. When you can write these sentences, you can confidently set about writing the screenplay, knowing the structure will work and your Central Character will have a compelling journey. Throughout each session, you will be encouraged and helped to create, develop and refine your ‘Seven Sentences’.


Session 1 (Three Hours)

Boots on the Ground


The six critical questions to ask yourself before you begin writing....


Meeting your Central  Characters...



From opening scene to the birth of the conflict and the start of the Central Character’s journey

Brian and Keith detail sequences from the first act of three successful movies: Set-Up, Inciting Incident and New Direction. Each of you shares potential beginning scenes for your story, and what your story’s New Direction might be.

Lunch Break: Food for Thought


Session 2 (Three Hours)

From the Point of No Return to Climax and beyond...

Midpoint and Reversal. Brian and Keith detail sequences from successful movies.

All share ideas about what their Midpoints and reversals might be.

Climax and Aftermath. Brian and Keith detail sequences from successful movies.

You share what your Climax and Denourment might look like and share your progress with the Seven Sentences of your project in the light of the workshop’s discussions and promptings.

Brian and Keith detail the practical next steps following the completion of your screenplay.

 Your further questions, as time permits.

Keep them Reading

Writing the Action Line

When you submit your screenplay, somebody reads it… or at least the first five pages.

Even with a fine story and great characters, if your action lines read ‘flat’, that’s probably all they’ll read.

Let Keith show you techniques that will enable you to write action lines that engage the reader right to the final page. 

Max FIVE Participants. 1 Hour 30mins $60

Next Session TBA


Less can be More

Dialogue Strategies


Movies are a visual medium. A screenplay typically ends up being about 1/3 dialogue. So the lines your characters speak are both less important than your images and more impactful because of their limited presence. And then there are actors...

 Let Brian show you how to construct dialogue that is simple, effective and succinct.

Max THREE Participants. 1 Hour 30mins $60

Next Session TBA

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