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From Blank Page to Big Screen




For twenty years Keith Digby and Brian Paisley’s personal, interactive, low-cost, small-group workshops have helped aspiring writers master the lean, rich craft of screenwriting.  Bring your original story idea, draft or adaptation project and let us help you achieve your writing goals.



Sat May 18th, at

Canadian Media Producers Association

600–736 Granville St. Vancouver, BC   V6Z 1G3

"...amazingly informative and inspiring. I was feeling burned out, but thanks to you two I'm raring to go on my film and television material!"


Susan Juby, Novelist & TV Series Writer

Keith and Brian have an impressive in-depth knowledge of the structure of a good screenplay. Keith’s many years of experience teaching was also apparent and helpful. I was able to complete my first feature-length film script shortly after taking their workshop.

Robin Chan

Award-winning Producer , Screenwriter

One-Day Screenwriting Intensive

Maximum TEN Participants

Cost $150

...great workshop for new and emerging screenwriters especially. Keith and Brian know story inside out, and somehow make structure fun! I’ve taken the workshop before, and I would take it again.

Arnold Lim,  Award-Winning Producer, Director & Writer


Mon May 20th, at

Chemainus Public Market

9790 Willow St.

Chemainus BC  V0R 1K0

"...lively and fast-paced. I came away elated and extremely motivated. I recommend any budding screenwriters out there to seriously consider studying under the dynamic tag-team of Digby and Paisley."


Anthony Dalton, Past President

Canadian Authors Assn.

...Brian and Keith's ability to demystify the screenwriting process, and lay out the steps from concept to completion, was exactly what I needed to move my script along.  I had been blocked but, thanks to their workshop, I was able to

re-visit my script with new enthusiasm and insights.

Carollyne Haynes

Novelist, Emerging Screenwriter

(May 2023 Attendee)


About Us


When they met many years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Brian was busy creating the Edmonton Fringe Festival that kicked off the Canadian Fringe Theatre movement. Keith was an associate director at The Citadel Theatre, and Director of the Citadel on Wheels/Wings school touring troupe.

Since then, Keith spent his time as Artistic Director of two regional theatres, then taught and held an administrative position at Brentwood College School... and wrote screenplays and series TV...

Cropped Cadaques bio_edited.jpg

..while Brian went freelance and, over the years, wrote several TV documentary series and a trio of independently produced feature-length screenplays.  His screenplay for LIES LIKE TRUTH (Gumboot Productions, 2004) won a CHUM TV contest for $1 Million funding.  TRUNK (Chiaro Productions, 2014) written with Keith Digby, premiered at the Victoria International Film Festival.

BP Headshot 2023_edited.jpg

What Keith's been up to lately :

His Flash-Fiction piece, After Life, was recently shortlisted in a Federation of BC Writers' National competition.

He is currently working with CentreMedia ( UK) on a historical adventure feature script . 

What Brian's been up to lately:

In 2023, Brian was the proud recipient of a Doctor of Letters Degree from the University of Alberta for his enduring contributions to independent and alternative theatre in North America. 

He is currently working with a European filmmaker on her first independent feature film (MAIARA). 

Boots on the Ground


A one-day intensive in crafting your screenplay!

 A great workout in two three-hour sessions.

Ideal for a new and emerging screenwriters, or adapting that novel/short story,  for examining that 'work in progress',  or  kick-starting that next project.  


"I just had to write and say how much I appreciated your course last weekend. It truly was worth every penny, and then some. I am so grateful for how you've helped me figure out 'Coyote', and I'm super excited to get back to it.” 

Angela Dorsey, Screenwriter & Novelist

Workshop Outline

Expanding on the ‘Five Pillars’ structure, which is the basis of all successful feature films, Brian and Keith will help you develop the ‘Seven Sentences’ that define your Central Character’s journey. When you can write these sentences, you can confidently set about writing the screenplay, knowing the structure will work and your Central Character will have a compelling journey. Throughout each session, you will be encouraged and helped to create, develop and refine your ‘Seven Sentences’.


Session 1 (Three Hours)


The six critical questions to ask yourself before you begin writing....


Meeting your Central  Characters...


From opening scene to the birth of the conflict and the start of the Central Character’s journey

Brian and Keith detail sequences from the first act of three successful movies: Set-Up, Inciting Incident and New Direction. Each of you shares potential beginning scenes for your story, and what your story’s New Direction might be.

Lunch Break: Food for Thought


Session 2 (Three Hours)

From the Point of No Return to Climax and beyond...

Midpoint and Reversal. Brian and Keith detail sequences from successful movies.

All share ideas about what their Midpoints and reversals might be.

Climax and Aftermath. Brian and Keith detail sequences from successful movies.

You share what your Climax and Denouement might look like and share your progress with the Seven Sentences of your project in the light of the workshop’s discussions and promptings.

Brian and Keith detail the practical next steps following the completion of your screenplay.


We field your further questions, as time permits... which it normally does.

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