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Cunning Plan

Blackadder:What on earth are we going to do now? Baldrick: I have a cunning plan.

(BBC TV 1983-1989)

For two decades now, we have spent time each year exploring France and Catalonia. We've discovered brilliant hidden gems that most people miss, learned how to fill each hour with adventure and pleasure, and learned that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing...

La Citébold.jpg

......sometimes the 'where' is everything.

Cynthia on the Zrmanja3 _edited.jpg

Let Keith and Cynthia ensure that your France or Catalonia adventure is as rich  as it possibly can be through personalised custom built itineraries developed with you through online face-to-face chats.


Here's how our journey together works.

Before we get together, you


To help you with this, look at the prompts below.

Decide whether you want to find a hub or two to launch from, or go from delight to delight every day or two.  

Decide whether you have any MUST see's, or MUST do's... then have a look at the ideas below, mix and match... or let them spark your own ideas...

IMG_7111 (1)_edited.jpg

See and Explore world-famous cities, buildings and edifices, magnificent churches, spectacular bridges, grand Roman and Medieval castles and amphitheatres. Wake up in beautiful villages and ancient town centres, and savor that first morning coffee or that superior glass of afternoon wine in  a 12th Century marketplace. Experience the charming, the fascinating, and the fabulous.

If the Great Outdoors calls you, we’ll help you find some of the finest hiking trails and cycling routes, superb river and sea canoe or kayaking locations, and thrilling treetop and zipline adventures.

If connecting with some of Europe’s Great Artists excites you, we’ll show you the way, in art galleries, studios or houses as you move from artist to artist across a rich palette. Marvel at the works and subjects of great Painters, Sculptors Designers and Architects.

Even the most intrepid travellers need  Kickback Days, perhaps spending a few mornings ambling through some of the region’s daily markets and sipping away the afternoons, 'tasting'  in local wine Chateaux and Domaines... in a tapas bar or cafe. or on one of France and Catalonia's MANY great beaches...

Gather your thoughts and wishes together...


Pont du Gard.JPG
Parc Guell.jpg
Esperaza market.jpg


 We'll arrange a ZOOM with us... or Skype or... 

In the first FACE-TO-FACE, spend a half-hour or so with us, live and in person, talking through your thoughts and needs so far.

Well, we'd love to do it for nothing...

But our fees are modest and we have a travel habit to pay for. So...




LABOUR... so we

do that.

We develop a custom detailed itinerary dealing with every aspect of your adventure.

Then we send you  Cunning Plan, first draft.


ZOOM  again, or

WhatsApp,  or...

You decide what changes need to be made, then we'll talk again and develop the final detailed plan. We'll write it up and send it to you...

...and wish you safe and wonderful travels... until the next time!


Bon Voyage!

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