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Class Structure


FRIDAY 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Introduction: Elements of story. From story/concept into screenplay: the process begins. Participants may tell their stories/concepts. The five pillars movie structure outlined. Participants start to refine their concepts and engineer a treatment. Analysis: The Grabber - five ways to engage your audience from page one. Viewing and discussion of the openings of two great movies that will form the ongoing examples of great movie structure.


SATURDAY 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Initial incidents and new directions. Instruction and discussion: from the creation of the conflict and the start of the protagonist's journey to the first turning point. Viewing and analysis of the first act of a successful movie, including set-up, inciting incident and the first turning point. Viewing of sequences from the ongoing movie exemplars to the turning point


Lunch Break


Participants may share what their first turning point could be. Instruction, viewings and discussion. Analysis: mid points and major setbacks. Viewing and discussion of sequences from the ongoing movie exemplars to the midpoint and major setback.


SUNDAY 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Participants may share what their midpoint and major setback might be. Viewing and analysis: climax and aftermath. Viewing and discussion of sequences from the ongoing movie exemplars' climaxes and aftermaths. Participants may share what their climax and aftermath could be.


Lunch Break


Time to write the "Five Pillars" of your own developing project. Then tell us your story again, in the light of the weekend's discussions and promptings. Discussion: What's next? Marketing your spec script.


From Creative Concept to

Closing Credits


Keith and Brian will guide you through the screenwriting process and help you prepare a marketing strategy for your work. Learn from people who have written and successfully marketed their own work! Both are great teachers… both with feature-length movie credits.


This may be the best time for you to benefit from their experience!


Contact us for information about how we can tailor our individual programmes to your individual needs.

“Yes, I'm ready to write

my Screenplay!”


So, you’ve made up your mind. You’re determined to get focused, get down to your keyboard and get on with writing that screenplay that’s been mulling about in your head for the past few weeks (or months, or years…).


Imagine having two produced, professional screenwriters standing over your shoulder as you write, giving you notes, feedback and critical encouragement whenever you need it.


With West Coast Screenwriting’s unique, 6-month I’M READY TO WRITE MY SCREENPLAY program, we’ll be there to help you each and every step of the way.


Here’s how it works: You’ve got an idea for a film, or an outline, or a treatment, or even the first draft of a script. We look over what you have and give you immediate feedback on the concept’s potential to be a marketable screenplay. If we feel it can work (and only if – we don’t want to waste your time and money, or ours, and we’ll say so!) then we set out a working schedule for the next six months, a realistic schedule based on the time and energy you have available to write, and a schedule you can stick to.


We’ll give you some notes/suggestions/guidelines to get you going. When you get stuck, or you have questions, or some fresh material that you need read and/or evaluated you send it to us and we respond.


That’s all there is to it. The speed at which you work is entirely up to you. The only time limit is the 6-month period you signed on for.


In our experience, most screenplay first drafts can be conceived, researched and written within 6 months (possibly sooner, depending on your energy and commitment). Rewriting and marketing will take longer, of course, but look at it this way: after going through this process you will at least have a completed feature-length screenplay to rewrite and market!